[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: HTTP/1.1 Breaks ffserver/ffmpeg combo

C.Ren Boca crboca32
Mon Jan 15 16:31:53 CET 2007


I have gotten ffserver/ffmpeg to work streaming flash video at 29.97 F/s.
It worked very well.  Real time live video in Firefox that was very fast, and responsive. Just like watching TV. It was very cool. Worked on schmindows and Linux both. (But not in IE.)

I am at work Right now, so I can't be fucking off. It's morning in America...

When I get home, however I will post exactly how I did it so that you, and anyone else can use it. As I mentioned, it seemed to work very well once I got it figured out and tweaked right.

I will also see if I can figure out at exactly which revision the problem started, via regression.

I think I also need to use a different mail system since this f***ing yahoo can't quote in a usenet-appropriate style. I'll try to make sure my posts are intelligible.

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