[Ffmpeg-devel] Wrapper

Ignazio Castrogiovanni akton29
Wed Jan 17 08:56:39 CET 2007

I've tried with dlopen but it doesn't work. Is there another way..
Here there is my problem...

I'm trying to make a library, a sort of facade that wrap all the ffmpeg, in
special way the file ffmpeg.c.
I need it to include in a plugin of an application. In this way I have to
pass only some parameter to the
method of the wrapper library to obtain what I want... for example a video
I can make a lot of working methods but they only works if I use one time.
If i call two method in a test main()
I get a segment fault error.
I know that ffmpeg.c was designed to start only once... (At the end of the
main it exit.. I had to remove it). So what I have to do if I want to call
many times functions of the ffmpeg.c with different parameters?

P.S. I have renamed the main() of ffmpeg first(int argc, int argv**) and I
pass the parameters to that function from my plugin. For example
       a function of the plugin should be able to extract a segment from a
video and then to extract each keyframe from it.
       I can pass the parameters to the function first(.... )for each of the
two functionality and all works perfectly if I do it separately.
       But when I do:
       extract_video_segment(... . .. . .);
       extract_keyframe_from_video_segment(... ... ... )
       I get the segment fault
       What can I do?

I've tried with dlopen but it doesn't work. Is there another way..
Thanks in advance

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