[Ffmpeg-devel] latest svn compilation on solaris 9

Diego Biurrun diego
Thu Jan 18 09:27:34 CET 2007

On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 02:08:26AM +0100, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
> Here is some report about my attempt to compile latest svn on solaris 9:
> ./configure --enable-gpl --enable-pthreads:
> Broken shell detected.  Trying alternatives.
> Trying shell bash
> ... success.

Ah, Solaris crap shell ...

> BE_16 clashes with /usr/include/sys/byteorder.h in rtp.c/rtp_h264.c
> included by socket.h

This should be resolved once Alex commits his rename of this macro.

> gcc -L"/usr/local/tmp/svn"/libavformat -L"/usr/local/tmp/svn"/libavcodec
> -L"/usr/local/tmp/svn"/libavutil -rdynamic -g -o ffmpeg_g ffmpeg.o
> cmdutils.o -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil -lm -lsocket -lnsl -lz -ldl
> gcc: unrecognized option `-rdynamic'

Hehe, Mans promised to fix this one ages ago ..

> regression.sh:
> `echo | md5sum` seems to clash:
> gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/tmp/svn/tests'
> /usr/local/tmp/svn/tests/regression.sh: md5sum: not found
> instead of printing "No md5sum program found"

Hmmm, where is md5sum on Solaris?  Is it called just 'md5'?

> sh clashes on do_libav=y and do_libav() having same name, renamed
> do_libav=y to do_libavf=y.

Applied this change.


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