[Ffmpeg-devel] BeOS cleanup work in progress

François Revol revol
Thu Jan 18 18:45:36 CET 2007

> On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 at 03:47:41PM +0100, Fran?ois Revol wrote:
> > just for the record so you see I didn't forget
> > http://revolf.free.fr/beos/patches/beos_cleanup.001.diff
> > Not finished yet, but it's the most blatant ones.
> At a glance this is looking very good, thanks for tackling the issue.
> Commit it as soon as you can, it's a major cleanup.

commited. Hope it didn't break the build :D

Now, I need to fix all those return -ESOMETHING;
It is plain wrong to assume errors are positive. 
It's false under BeOS at least:
#define E2BIG                 (B_POSIX_ERROR_BASE + 1)
Until now the beos build used a hack to redefine those codes to be 
positive, but that means they weren't recognized correctly then when 
checked against errno, so it just fixed the build, not the code.

I know it's an usual shortcut in unixish code but it's definitely not 

Besides, there are several AVERROR codes defined that just wait to be 
I'll probably expand the list a bit and use an inlined func to convert 
to it from errno.

Btw, there are 5 or 6 of those in libavcodec, but AVERROR_* are in 
libavformat... Either I'll change them to -1 or move AVERROR_ there, 
comments ?


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