[Ffmpeg-devel] A problem with timestamps on quicktime movies

Y S Sean Lee seanl
Fri Jan 19 03:39:30 CET 2007


I have been trying to transcode a quicktime movie file to an flv format
  $ ffmpeg -i Demo_FlagOfOurFathers.mov Demo_FlagOfOurFathers.flv


The file is a 7 second movie according to the binary reading of the
file. I used http://developer.apple.com/documentation/QuickTime/QTFF/qtff.pdf to
read the binary file. Apple's quicktime player also recognises the file as
a 7 second movie.

This file seems to have one video stream, one audio stream and one data

The length of the video stream is 11 seconds but the frames in the first four
seconds are not to be transcoded nor to be displayed. I suppose that they exist
just for the referencing purpose. That is, even if the length of the video
stream is 11 seconds, the frames are to be laid between the timestamp -4
sec and the timestamp 7 sec, and the frames between the timestamp -4 and the
timestamp 0 are not to be transcoded.

The length of the audio stream is 7 seconds.

However, FFmpeg is not aware of this, recognises the movie as an 11
second movie, and transcodes every frame. Consequently, the transcoded
movie has extra frames visible at the beginning of the movie and its a/v
sync becomes awkward.

I have uploaded the file on


You can easily tell what is wrong by playing the original file and the transcoded
file using mplayer.

I always appreciate your support and effort to make ffmpeg powerful and

Thank you..


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