[Ffmpeg-devel] Flash video with sound

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Sat Jan 20 23:35:42 CET 2007


>>> I, being a mere humanoid, have no fucking clue.
>> Yes, Skynet would read the mails mentioning FLV received in >
>> ffmpeg-user
>> in the last hours :-)
> Yes, "mp3lame" is the answer.
> I actually knew about that, but hadn't built that particular instance of
> ffmpeg with it, so I was trying to use "-acodec adpcm_swf"
> I got the error about:
> "maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height"

It looks like an opportunity to improve the error message?

> So in a more general sense, is there a table of all the parameters for
> the various codecs so as to help eliminate trial and error?

No, there is none, however some codecs&containers provide more meaningful
errors and the FAQ contains some recommended parameters, for a few platforms
(iPod, PSP) and codecs (MPEG4, MPEG2).

> I realize this may be a question for  ffmpeg-user, so I will  sign on that
> list.
> If there is no such table, I will gladly add that to my list of
> proposed documentation.
> Any suggestions?

Besides Reading The Fine Source, you may find in the multimedia wiki, or in
Wikipedia which codecs (and under which restrictions) accept the containers.



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