[Ffmpeg-devel] audio + video stream merge

Chris Dobbs chris_dobbs
Sun Jan 21 16:00:04 CET 2007

I am trying to merge the following primitive autio/video streams into
somesort of useable container format:

The audio stream is either in AMR, WAV, MP3 or raw PCM (I can choose which
one I want to use)
The video is either RAW .CIF (RGB or YUV) or H263.

Both have been captured to files and I now just need to merge them into a
playable format like .AVI which conatins both audio and video together.
Can someone please help me drive the ffmpeg tool (seem to remember this can
do such things) into transcoding the above into a usable merged format or is
there a better way to acheive this?
I once used ffmpeg to convert formats but never to merge. Am I even on the
right path assuming I can do this with ffmpeg?

Many thanks in advance,
-Chris Dobbs

I asked the group sometime ago if it was interested in a patch I developed
to enable AMR (both NB and WB ) support in ffmpeg/ffplay but  got no
answer - I still have this code and am more than happy to share with group
if anyone needs it.

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