[Ffmpeg-devel] audio + video stream merge

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Mon Jan 22 12:02:25 CET 2007

Michel Bardiaux wrote:
> Chris Dobbs wrote:
>> I am trying to merge the following primitive autio/video streams into
>> somesort of useable container format:
>> The audio stream is either in AMR, WAV, MP3 or raw PCM (I can choose 
>> which
>> one I want to use)
>> The video is either RAW .CIF (RGB or YUV) or H263.
>> Both have been captured to files and I now just need to merge them into a
>> playable format like .AVI which conatins both audio and video together.
>> Can someone please help me drive the ffmpeg tool (seem to remember 
>> this can
>> do such things) into transcoding the above into a usable merged format 
>> or is
>> there a better way to acheive this?
>> I once used ffmpeg to convert formats but never to merge. Am I even on 
>> the
>> right path assuming I can do this with ffmpeg?
> Yes. What you want is -acodec copy -vcodec copy
>> Many thanks in advance,
>> -Chris Dobbs

Oh, and BTW:

(1) This belongs on ffmpeg-user

(2) It is a very bad idea to post 2 completely unrelated queries in the 
same message.

>> PS/
>> I asked the group sometime ago if it was interested in a patch I 
>> developed
>> to enable AMR (both NB and WB ) support in ffmpeg/ffplay but  got no
>> answer - I still have this code and am more than happy to share with 
>> group
>> if anyone needs it.
> ffmpeg already supports AMR, read configure --help.

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