[Ffmpeg-devel] bug?

Andrei Kouznetsov andrei.kouznetsov
Tue Jan 23 17:04:30 CET 2007

I'm using ffmpeg vrsion 3:0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1

When I'm trying to convert a sequence of PNG images with indexed colors
(with a palette) to a video file (say *.mpg), ffmpeg produces bad video:
1/3 of the screen has black&white picture, 2/3 of the screen is black.

PNG images are produced by GD library

The command line for conversion is
ffmpeg -i img/%d.png out.mpg

I can send you sample images, if you want.

PS the image sequence is readable by firefox, imageviewer, etc.

Andrei Kouznetsov

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