[Ffmpeg-devel] h.264 decoder segfault

Benoit Fouet benoit.fouet
Tue Jan 23 19:09:40 CET 2007


Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> the linenumber in decode_residual() :)))
granted :)

> which is definitly not in bitstream.h but h264.c
> i do know its crashing in get_vlc*() which is called by decode_residual()
> but i dont know in which, there are several
> one of the vlc tables either is damaged, or more likely a index into one
> is out of range
> maybe a "#define always_inline" before #include "bitstream.h" with -O0
> would help
> or the good old add a printf() before each get_vlc*() in decode_residual()
here is the one that causes the SEGFAULT:
first line is line 4957
if(total_coeff == max_coeff)
        if(n == CHROMA_DC_BLOCK_INDEX)
            zeros_left= get_vlc2(gb, chroma_dc_total_zeros_vlc[
total_coeff-1 ].table, CHROMA_DC_TOTAL_ZEROS_VLC_BITS, 1);
            zeros_left= get_vlc2(gb, total_zeros_vlc[ total_coeff-1
].table, TOTAL_ZEROS_VLC_BITS, 1);

the second one causes the crash...
when it crashes, gb is correct (same as previous calls)
total_zeros_vlc[ total_coeff-1 ].table = NULL

Hope that helps more...

> PS: fuzzer crash/bugreports about other decoders and demuxers are also very
> welcome
if i find other ones, i'll send them here :)


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