[Ffmpeg-devel] How to sync audi and video

Paul paul.pham
Thu Jan 25 10:50:45 CET 2007

i have audio frame(s) and video frame in every cycle , then i want to write these to "output_media.mpg" file.

Below are what i will do in a thread :

        //get captured buffer audio, encoding to MPEG 1 audio frame(s)
        //write audio frame(s) to output_media file
        //get captured buffer video, encoding to MPEG video frame
        //write video frame to output_media file
        //call sleep(40); (framerate = 25)


if want to stop. still_run is assigned "false" to and then stop the thread.

i wonder using ffmpeg library can do that? Anyone know (sample code) how to do as above?

Before , i write audio frames to "audio_tmp.mp2" and video frames to "video_tmp.mpg" .After finish these file i will use ffmpeg.exe to merge to "output_media.mpg" . But this way can cause video and audio not sync. 

Final, if the thought as above cannot make synch, Can you show me any way to sync audio and video?

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