[Ffmpeg-devel] Bug in FLV video size recognition?

deadhead deadhead
Thu Jan 25 18:13:34 CET 2007

2007/1/25, Michel Bardiaux <mbardiaux at mediaxim.be>:
> Michael fixed the size recognition problem in r7668. Upgrade and retry.

FFmpeg version SVN-r7711, Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
  configuration:  --prefix=/usr/local/ --enable-mp3lame --enable-gpl
--enable-pp --enable-pthreads --cpu=pentium4 --disable-altivec
--disable-bktr --disable-debug --disable-dv1394 --disable-v4l
--disable-v4l2 --disable-audio-oss --disable-audio-beos
--disable-mpegaudio-hp --disable-ipv6
  libavutil version: 49.2.0
  libavcodec version: 51.29.0
  libavformat version: 51.8.0
  built on Jan 25 2007 17:25:51, gcc: 4.1.2 20061028 (prerelease)
(Debian 4.1.1-19)

Seems stream 0 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate:
1000.00 (1000/1) -> 25.00 (25/1)
Input #0, flv, from './1172.flv':
  Duration: 00:00:17.3, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 96 kb/s
  Stream #0.0: Video: flv, yuv420p, 384x288, 25.00 fps(r)
  Stream #0.1: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, mono, 96 kb/s


> Note that ffmpeg should NOT announce SVN-rUNKNOWN then. If it does,
> something is broken with your build process.

Now is correct ;)

Thank you very much for all your help!

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