[Ffmpeg-devel] VMware Video codec now fully documented

Philip Langdale plangdale
Thu Jan 25 19:26:12 CET 2007

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Oh... wow... thanks! That's great to see you jumping into the public
> documentation effort and we appreciate it.

This is something we've intended to do at an engineering level for a while
but it's logistically harder than it looks (you know what companies are like).
Having a pre-existing wiki where people already expect to find that
information makes it very easy to get it out there. :-)

> Now to push our luck our luck on the matter. :) Do you have any suite of
> samples that we could test our decoder against, preferable samples that
> are specifically designed to test the various cases?

No, we don't, but anyone with Workstation can generate samples easily enough.

>From reading the spec, you can easily guess what the interesting cases are,
but I'd mention:

a) Changing the guest resolution during recording.
   - Bonus points for doing a VT switch from X to a text mode console.

b) Running a guest app that wants to hide the cursor.

c) Using alpha and solid colour cursors.


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