[Ffmpeg-devel] AV Synchronization question

Emanuele Fumagalli emanuele.fumagalli
Fri Jan 26 16:41:12 CET 2007

Hi, thanks for answering

> your audio hardware limits it based on the samplerate you set and a 
> limited queues size

that was the reason, I'll try another way to do that (I thought FFMPEG 
provided timing... all I know is achieved by reverse enginering!),

But I'd like to know if I'm doing the right thing, I mean, would it be 
correct to limit the decoding thread on a fixed size of the queues (decoded 
audio frames and uncompressed video frames) and do the timing when rendering 
audio or video?

> ffplay is a good example ...

well, yes but not so easy to read the code, I'd like to provide a c++ 
commented simple player example in the future, if this can help newbie like 

> you simply have to look at the dts of the packets and wait in either the
> decoder or render threads ...

I tried that but I noticed that the packet dts (audio e video) are not 1 to 
1, so I'm trying to figure it out how this is achieved in ffplay

anyway, thanks again I'll keep on researching...


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