[Ffmpeg-devel] porting ffmpeg to Symbian OS

François Revol revol
Sat Jan 27 17:15:52 CET 2007

> hi,I'm working on video-streaming player on Symbian OS.I'd like
> to use FFMPEG to decode H263 Files.My trouble is how I can port
> ffmpeg to symbian for my use,for example compiling ffmpeg as symbian
> dll files.

First, do you have a (cross) gcc for Symbian ?
Ffmpeg uses several gcc-specific features, most notably for inlined 
asm; including for ARM IIRC.
If you have another compiler it will get trickier.

You might also want to search the archives for this mailing list 
as I think Symbian has already been mentionned some time ago...

Btw, please make sure your email client breaks long lines like 
any civilized MUA.


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