[Ffmpeg-devel] fps again

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Mon Jan 29 11:32:56 CET 2007

Ignazio Castrogiovanni wrote:
> Is there another way to get fps from a video than searching how 
> ffmpeg.cdone it?

You could read the specs of every format and codec you want to support, 
and decode just the part of the file that you need. That re-inventing a 
square stone wheel when ffmpeg is already a 12-cylinder turbocharged 
grandprix engine... which yes, is complicated. But that's because all 
multimedia formats *are* intrinsically complicated, plus there is the 
requirement that tools be robust even in the face of corrupt files, 
which complicates even more.

One may wish for a multimedia player useable by Joe Sixpack, and that's 
a not unrealistic goal, indeed mplayer is mostly there for most files. 
But a simple *API*? Its like asking for a car anyone can repair himself.

> This reminds me to dump_format()... and this is still too complicated!
> I'm sure that this field is somewhere but I can't find it.

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