[Ffmpeg-devel] flv meta marks 3 seconds off

Thomas Keil tkeil
Tue Jan 30 12:40:57 CET 2007


I use ffmpeg to convert avi files to flv files, which works well.
Unfortunately the meta marks for the timestamps are 3 seconds off.
The flv-player displays "3s" as current time at the beginning of the
movie, and stops 3 seconds too early.

I use yesterday's svn version, with following command:

ffmpeg -i source.avi -b 1024k -s 640x480 -ab 64 -ar 44100 target.flv

On December 2006 I used a ffmpeg version that didn't write the
timestamps and used an external program to inject them on the generated
flv, which resulted in correct marks.

Is there a way to prevent ffmpeg from writing the meta tags?

Thanks for your efforts!

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