[Ffmpeg-devel] h264/PAFF interlacing

Julian Scheel julian
Wed Jan 31 18:01:23 CET 2007

Hi Mark,

I did not make any further work on PAFF interlacing, because I realized that 
as long as the ffmpeg decoder is not threaded it's useless.
On a CoreDuo T2400 I am not able to decode  a 20MBit/s h264-stream, which 
would be easily possible when using both cores, but nobody seems to care 
I decided to concetrate on hardware decoders for the future.


Am Freitag, 26. Januar 2007 19:46 schrieb Mark Buechler:
> Julian, you mentioned working on implementing h264 PAFF interlaced, have
> you made any progress? I to am very interested in that and can provide
> samples/testing.
> Thanks!
> - Mark.
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