[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] RoQ decoder 4:4:4 update

Eric Lasota riot
Tue Jun 5 02:02:08 CEST 2007

//Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> what it certainly does though is it doubles the memory needed for the
> codebooks and doubles the memory reads needed when copying them into the
> image

I'd have to profile the code to find out, but 32-bit and 64-bit copies seem like the kind of thing most CPUs would have a field day with.

> the reader sees roq_mbX and has no clue at all what that is
> so he has to search for what it is and then wonders why uint8_t wasnt used

I don't see how that that obfuscates it any more than using roq_cell/roq_cell4 instead of uint8_t[1536] and uint8_t[1024] or similar does.

I defined them as fixed array sizes to cause warnings if they're passed to incompatible functions.  The mb types are used somewhat liberally in the latest encoder changes, so how would you prefer macroblocks be represented?


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