[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] h264 luma interpolation 8x8 for altivec

Mauricio Alvarez lokifo
Mon Jun 18 18:14:08 CEST 2007

Hi All,

Here I'm sending a patch that adds support for luma interpolation of 8x8
blocks using Altivec. I have tested it on a G5 machine (Linux
2.6.15-1.2054_FC5, gcc 4.1.1)  using  some videos that I use for h264
research [1]). The resulting video files are md5 identical to the generated
by the original ffmpeg.

The execution time has been taken using the '-benchmark' option of ffmpeg
over 5 runs of each video input:

input                                      orig.     patched  speed-up (%)
(time in seconds)
- 1088p25_blue_sky            :   8,54      8,18    4,42
- 1088p25_pedestrian_area:   7,65      7,49    2,12
- 1088p25_riverbed             : 10,66    10,39    2,59
- 1088p25_rush_hour           :  8,23        8,05    2,21

Initially I assumed that the output array can have any misalignment (from 1
to 15), because of that is is necessary to include some code for generating
two masks for permutating the final result.

I made an analysis of this alignment and found that the destination result
is always aligned, based on that it is possible to remove the re-alignment
code at each store. I send a separate patch for this. Also It have been
tested and the md5 check passed OK.

Additionally I'm working on Altivec functions for doing the luma
interpolation for non-square blocks: 16x8, 8x16,  8x4 and 4x8. The
implementation of the functions is very easy. My question is how to
integrate them with DSPContext structure. An option could be to add a
position to the XXX_pixels_tab[][] structure, like this
index | size
0: 16x16
1: 8x8
2: 4x4
3: 16x8
4: 8x16
5: 8x4
6: 4x8

the main problem is calling these functions. What is the best place for
doing that?

Suggestions on this issue are welcome.


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