[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] h264: rbsp de-escape and data partitioning..

Andreas Öman andreas
Wed Jun 20 10:35:39 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 09:32:23AM +0200, Andreas ?man wrote:
>> Hi
>> While lurking around in h264 i discovered that the rbsp de-escape buffer
>> may be reused if both the intra and inter -nal units are escaped.
>> I've never actually seen it happen, it's merely from code inspection.
>> Attached patch fixes this (in most simple way).
> do partitioned slices work at all?

Dunno, i dont have any such content around
The itu-link you sent earlier with reference streams doesn't
seem to contain any data partitioning either..

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