[FFmpeg-devel] MPEG-2 Acceleration Refactor

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Jun 20 13:30:20 CEST 2007


On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 07:55:17PM -0700, Greg Hulands wrote:
> Hi,
> Below is the patch without cosmetic errors. No comments have been made 
> for a couple of days - not sure whether that is because the thread got 
> so long with cosmetics or no one has reviewed the patch yet. Below is a 
> summary of the benchmarking:
> With Patch
> bench: utime=7.873s
> bench: utime=7.846s
> bench: utime=7.845s
> bench: utime=7.863s
> bench: utime=7.837s
> Without Patch
> bench: utime=7.958s
> bench: utime=7.880s
> bench: utime=7.949s
> bench: utime=7.887s
> bench: utime=7.903s
> The full benchmark is already posted in the thread - just here in summary.
> Once this patch is committed I will provide a cosmetic patch to get the 
> actual source file looking a bit better. This will then pave the way to 
> getting hardware acceleration on Mac OS X.

the decode_block(..., int fast)
should be av_always_inline
if that is not slower iam fine with the patch

and please name the variable fast not speed

PS: whoever commits this, please redo the benchmark before commiting
that is benchmark with slow and fast mode, neither should get slower
from the patch, also look at the nm mpeg12.o output, there should be
no change in inlined functions (that is no new names appearing or disapearing)

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