[FFmpeg-devel] spu-medialib a cell & ps3 media acceleration library

Kristian Jerpetjøn kristian.jerpetjoen
Fri Jun 22 00:32:11 CEST 2007

On 19/06/07, Luca Barbato <lu_zero at gentoo.org> wrote:
> Kristian Jerpetj?n wrote:
> > Personally i feel that the best way to produce good results on cell is
> > to re engineer the solution for the spu's. This means i simply don't
> > want to port the code as is.
> reinventing the wheel leads to interesting results just _really_ few times.

Maybe Its worth looking into if the spu can actually decode vlc
efficiently i think.

> >
> > At the current stage im trying to understand mpeg 1 and mpeg 2 video
> > file formats to extract some blocks to work on but i have no
> > experience with this so any help would be apriciated.
> Please check what's already there, the dsputilized functions usually are
> the time critical parts...
> lu

Idct is a major factor of the decoding but i have seen some other advantages
such as the zigzag

The motion shouldn't be to hard either, but it should be tested and
optimized for all types of motion

using a spu_shuffle to do a zigzag you can complete it in less than 16
cycles . just by looking at it i asume down to 8-12 (when software
pipelined) should be possible on the spu.

Dont know how this compares to other systems tho maybe some of the
experts in this can help out.

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