[FFmpeg-devel] matching up SVN rev with ffmpeg version [was Welcome to the "ffmpeg-devel" mailing list]

Stephan Assmus superstippi
Sat Jun 23 10:03:09 CEST 2007

Hi M?ns,

> > is there an easy way to match a specific SVN revision of ffmpeg with a
> > specific ffmpeg version? I need to get a hold of the code to
> >
> > FFmpeg0.4.9-pre1b4752
> I've never heard of such a version.  Do you have a precompiled FFmpeg
> reporting itself as that version?


> If yes, ask whomever you got it from for the source code.

That's the problem, the person has since updated his code. I guess I will 
try my binary search svn checkout idea... :-\

It's just that I am on BeOS, and it is very hard to get ffmpeg to compile 
on that platform (gcc 2.95.3). For example, the current version gives an 
internal compiler error on h263.c and it seems I cannot turn off that codec 
with the configure script. (I have not tried to investigate this issue 

So I was going to use the precompiled version I have. For which the 
surounding code I have is written anyways.

Best regards,

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