[FFmpeg-devel] List of Codecs, Containers, etc.

Steven Zakulec spzakulec
Tue Jun 26 15:10:55 CEST 2007

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Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-devel] List of Codecs, Containers, etc.

Mike Melanson wrote:
>> [missed this email regarding the Wiki while I was on vacation...]
>> Maybe you're not familiar with the whole Wiki paradigm. It turns nearly 
>> any network security model on its head since Wiki was apparently 
>> conceived by a bunch of starry-eyed utopians who believe that all people 
>> are innately good and only wish to create community and spread knowledge.
>> I do not need to tell you that this does not work in the real world.
>Are you saying wikipedia does not work?
    Wikipedia works because there are a few hundred dedicated individuals who do nothing but patrol the wiki and monitor sections for vandalism and other such things.
>> As I indicated, the wide-open Wiki paradigm is silly on the wide-open 
>> internet.
>Seems to work well for many sites such as Gnome and Ubuntu.
    Again, it only works because of a large group of dedicated individuals who spend lots of time checking and re-checking.
>> To review-- the current MediaWiki software that we use allows a 
>> malicious user to do an extraordinary amount of damage very quickly and 
>> it is very tedious and time-consuming to repair the damage. That's why 
>> we had to impose such serious access control, until the situation improves.

>Wonder why it works for so many other sites.
  In summary, the Wiki model works when you have a group of highly dedicated, available individuals to patrol and remove crap.
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