[FFmpeg-devel] Panasonic's AVCHD Video Format

ASchubert at technip.com ASchubert
Tue Jun 26 20:06:18 CEST 2007


I bought a Panasonic camcorder (HDC-SD1PP) that uses AVCHD (a form of
mpeg-4 / H.264) to compress the audio/video and save it onto flash memory.
I am unable to import AVCHD into iMovie or iDVD on my Mac to view it or
edit it.   I Tried using Visualhub (from Techspansion) to convert a movie
short from my new Panasonic HDC-SD1PP camcorder into a format I could
import into iMovie with no success. I am running a G4 PB on OSX 10.4.9.

I sent Visualhub a short sample movie to test and received the following
 "Thanks for the sample.                                                    
 As far as I can tell, the ffmpeg project is slowly but surely working on   
 interlaced H.264 (AVCHD) support, but there's no time frame on when it'll  
 be functional.                                                             
 Since VisualHub uses ffmpeg as the conversion engine, it's at the mercy of 
 the ffmpeg team (I help when I can, but AVCHD is way over my head...)      
 -Tyler Loch                                                                
 Techspansion LLC"                                                          
 Is it true that the ffmpeg team is working on a conversion engine to       
 convert AVCHD into a format that can be recognized / utilized by Mac       
 iMovie or iDVD?                                                            

Al Schubert

Tel: 281-249-3199
E-mail: aschubert at technip.com
      al_schubert at mac.com

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