[FFmpeg-devel] First time using libavcodec and libavformat

Jon Dufresne jon.dufresne
Wed Jun 27 18:17:35 CEST 2007

I am trying to use libavcodec and libavformat in my program to decode an
mpeg2 transport stream. I am using the tutorial found here to guide me:


So far it is working very well. I can demux the stream and play the
video some what using SDL.

However, I am a bit confused on how to grab video frame timestamps using
the tutorial's GetNextFrame(). Specifically I need to get the DTS of the
video. This information doesn't appear to be in the AVFrame struct and
the pts that I receive is alway 0.

So I am a little curious how to go about getting the DTS properly from a
decoded frame.

Thanks for any help and the great libraries!

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