[Ffmpeg-devel] ffserver/ffmpeg Live Video: Anyone get it to work with sound?

Alex Beregszaszi alex
Fri Mar 9 16:07:12 CET 2007


> > > Alright, I guess the answer is no. (No one has
> > > responded).
> > 
> > I'm using it under Windows, with special demuxers.
> > 
> Please share.

What? The code? I'm not allowed to share it. After all its legal as its
not a production system nor is it sold to anyone.

> > But your question really is: does audio.c works?
> > 
> Actually I was more interested in working examples
> that I could use, and include in the documentation. At
> this point it is unimportant to me how someone got it
> to work. Any working examples are worthy of mention,
> and could potentially be built upon.
> However, if audio.c is a place to look for a potential
>  solution then that is a good tip.

I think you misunderstood the architecture. video4linux does only video
capture. You need to capture audio from an OSS device, that is supported
via audio.c

It might be a good idea implementing capture from ALSA.

Alex Beregszaszi

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