[Ffmpeg-devel] using B-frames

Axel Gunter axl264
Mon Mar 12 22:44:30 CET 2007

Hi Experts,

Do we know of any known problem using h264 video codec and having 
B-frames? I am using mpegts as the transport.

when using the command below the output video looks jerky with frames 
being rendered out of order (some problem with timestamps using B-frames?)
./ffmpeg -i source.ts -vcodec h264 -s 320x240 -refs 4 -bf 2 -y -f mpegts 
-acodec copy output.ts

However, when I disable B-frames using the command below, the video is 
better (VLC says dropping late frames, but that might be a decoder 
problem). At least the time stamps seem to be ok.
./ffmpeg -i source.ts -vcodec h264 -s 320x240 -refs 4 -bf 0 -y -f mpegts 
-acodec copy output.ts

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any help is appreciated.


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