[Ffmpeg-devel] iWMMXt support

Tim Chick chick
Wed Mar 14 19:36:56 CET 2007

Hi List,

In libavcodec/armv4l/dsputil_iwmmxt.c

The function:

int mm_support(void)
    return 0; /* TODO, implement proper detection */

Only ever returns 0. This means the iwmmxt code never gets installed.

Perhaps it should read:

int mm_support(void)
    return MM_IWMMXT; /* TODO, implement proper detection */

This file is only compiled if HAVE_IWMMXT is defined, so it would seem 
to make sense to use the IWMMXT features when asked?

I had a look into checking for IWMMXT support, and could not see any 
sane way of doing it, especially as it needs support from the OS. 
Anyone got any ideas?


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