[Ffmpeg-devel] wmv3 complex profile and vc1 frame error sample

Compn tempn
Fri Mar 16 18:13:20 CET 2007

first is a wmv3 complex profile sample
mms://vipmms.canalplus.fr/canalplus/zapping_`date --date "1 days ago"


[wmv3 @ 00B26C34]WMV3 Complex Profile is not fully supported
[wmv3 @ 00B26C34]1 for reserved RES_X8 is forbidden
[wmv3 @ 00B26C34]0 for reserved RES_FASTTX is forbidden

the stream starts with some picture errors, and some errors
occur during scene change. is it useful to you ?

the vc1 sample has a frame error near the dn, not sure if its a broken
file or what. upload.mplayerhq.hu/incoming/v_for_vendetta.evo

its 28mb 


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