[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Re: [RFC] Improvement for the odd timestampgeneration when parser is in use.

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Mar 19 23:48:09 CET 2007


On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 11:21:56PM +0100, elupus wrote:
> >id say add a time_per_byte variable to AVStream which contains the amount
> >of time to add to a timestamp per byte, the default of that would be 0
> >the avi demuxer then could set it to some bitrate based value ...
> >lavf or the parser then would change the timstamps depening on the 
> >distance
> >in bytes between frame start and packet start and this varable ...
> Hmm, yea that could work. How about using need_parsing |=4 since that has 
> already been used to determin behavior of parser subsystem. The just reuse 
> available duration/bitrate? 

if it works and is clean then iam not opposed

> I was just thinking demuxer might not know 
> bitrate untill stream has been parsed, as is the case of ac3/dts.

the demuxer does know the bitrate otherwise it couldnt generate any
timestamps for such broken streams

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