[Ffmpeg-devel] tiff encoder (qualification task for GSoC)

Bartlomiej Wolowiec b.wolowiec
Sat Mar 24 16:29:16 CET 2007

Thanks for suggestions about my code. I think that helps me in any future 
I improved my implementation packbits, and I to compared performance my 
packbit and packbit from targacom.c, I set bpp=1 and then my implementation 
is faster, so in future I rewrite targa_encode_rle, afterwards I checked time 
differences for another bpp.
I need to create each entry in memory, because I dont know which is offset. 
For simple files I can calculate it, but if I want add any entry but i must 
recalculate it (for example in grayscale and colors file have another 
I also add suport for:
-many pictures in one tiff file

How can I get image resolution in ffmpeg api ? In file I set it to 72dpi.

In future I try to add jpeg compression and YUV format.
Any new suggestion about my code ?

Bartlomiej Wolowiec
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