[Ffmpeg-devel] Shorten file playback broken in SVN trunk

Diego Biurrun diego
Sat Mar 24 16:42:15 CET 2007

On Sat, Mar 24, 2007 at 04:04:53AM +0100, Diego 'Flameeyes' Petten?? wrote:
> Somehow the playback of Shorten (SHN) files seems to be broken in
> current SVN trunk, and was already since at least the 20070129 snapshot
> Luca (lu_zero) added to portage, while reportedly worked on 20061016
> snapshot. I don't have the svn revision numbers at hand, but Luca might
> have them.
> I can reproduce this with the luckynight.shn sample, both using
> ffplay (that does not play anything) and xine (that plays something but
> totally out of time).

I just bisected this, the commit that breaks Shorten playback is:

r7518 | michael | 2007-01-15 00:50:06 +0100 (Mon, 15 Jan 2007) | 3 lines

difference to avcodec_decode_audio() is that the user can pass the
allocated size of the output buffer to the decoder and the decoder can
check if theres enough space


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