[Ffmpeg-devel] Bethsoft VID demuxer and decoder

Nicholas T ntung
Mon Mar 26 21:37:55 CEST 2007

Hi all,

   I'm a student who is applying for GSoC, and I am almost done with the
qualification task I intended to do. I am having some last minute problems
that I really can't explain--first, my codec is destroyed and re-created if
I do not specify a stream->codec->pix_fmt in the demuxer, and secondly, none
of the pts (presentation time stamps) seem to have any effect. I am
following code from idcin.c and segafilm.c for the demuxer, and some from
aasc.c and idcinvideo.c for the decoders.

   The code is relatively long, apologies, but it is pretty well commented
(especially compared to some of the other files).

If you have 7zip: http://ntung.com/files/ffmpeg.7z
The same files are in http://ntung.com/files/ffmpeg.tar.bz2, for those who
want to waste my bandwidth (just kidding, but it was much more of a pain to

You should be able to do

./ffplay media/test_video.vid
./ffplay media/test_video.avi

   I added a sleep(1) to the decoder so I could actually see the frames, i.e.
the pts is not working.



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