[FFmpeg-devel] whats wrong: AVC1 codecs or some thing else

Hassan Adeel hadeel
Thu Nov 1 07:51:16 CET 2007

   I have video file .3gp(h264/AVC) that is convertible into flv  by
ffmpeg command
 line tool,with following  command:

 ffmpeg -i /src/file.3gp -ar 22050 /src/file.flv

 But my code does not handle it, there is some thing missing in my code..is
 there any thing wrong with gcc compilation...how to support AVC1, i think
 ffmpeg support this codec...then why my code is unable to convert into

   ret = avcodec_decode_video(ist->codec,picture, &got_picture, ptr, len);

 In above method i always get "got_picture =0"....... why??

 Note: movie is completely Inconvertible by my code but completely
 convertible ffmpeg command line.

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