[FFmpeg-devel] AC3 samples per frame?

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi
Tue Nov 6 11:51:15 CET 2007

if I read the specs correctly in EAC3 the number of samples per frame 
should be given by 256*number of audio blocks, where the number of
audio blocks should be
-6 if fscod==3
- {1,2,3,6}[next two bits]  otherwise
I have a sample where frmsiz==127  and fscod2==6,
thus the corresponding frame should extend for 256 bytes
(frmsz+1)*2 and include 1536 samples (6*256) that doesn't
look correct to me.

(the sample in mphq is  samples/A-codecs/AC3/eac3/eac3mono64kbit.eac3)

Can anyone explain if I misunderstood the specs?


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