[FFmpeg-devel] higher-level libs?

Fred Rothganger fred
Wed Nov 7 15:40:51 CET 2007

David McNab wrote:
> Does anyone know of any higher-level libraries, in C, C++ or Python,
> which reduce the application programming effort needed to use lavc/lavf?

I developed a C++ wrapper around FFMPEG to support my thesis work.  It 
is not a complete mutli-media framework; all it does is read and write 
image frames.  However, its design is such that it could be extended to 
a full framework.  To transcode the pictures in a video stream, you say:

    VideoIn vin ("name of file");
    VideoOut vout ("name of another file");
    // Set some parameters on vout, eg:
    vout.set ("bitrate", 1e6);
    // Now transcode...
    Image image;
    while (true)
       vin >> image;
       if (! vin.good ()) break;
       vout << image;

If you are interested, I can send you the library.

I'm interested in looking into FOBS, if for no other reason than to 
steal some interface ideas!

-- Fred

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