[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 4/6] rmdec.c: rm_ac3_swap_bytes()

Ronald S. Bultje rsbultje
Thu Nov 8 16:47:05 CET 2007


On Nov 8, 2007 10:31 AM, Benoit Fouet <benoit.fouet at purplelabs.com> wrote:

> Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> > the rm container format swaps ac3-data in byte order, and the rtp format
> > appears to do the same, here, this code is isolated in its own function.
> The
> > next patch will move calls from read_packet() into parse_packet() and
> > retrieve_cache(), such that no additional calls are needed either from
> the
> > actual rm format demuxer or from the rtp parser to parse this data
> > correctly.
> could you please send a new patch that corrects the following warning ?
> rmdec.c:676: warning: unused variable 'j'

Attached patch should fix that.

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