[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] add sofdec demuxing

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Nov 9 07:32:57 CET 2007

Hi Aurel,

Okay, thanks to today's changes, the Sofdec stuff is working for the
most part. The video that was running too fast, and silenty, plays
properly. So do all of the other original samples.

I went through a bunch of other games with Sofdec files. I posted my
findings (with pictures) here:


And more samples are in the usual place.

One major problem is blocky video-- Mans observed that it appears that
only DC data is being decoded, but that no decoding errors are reported.
I think he also mentioned that libmpeg2 shows similar results but with
different colors. This might indicate that Sofdec uses custom coding modes.

Another problem is that the aspect ratio is clearly wrong (square) on
certain files. The notable sample is here (and it's a partial sample so
expect some errors at the end):


	-Mike Melanson

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