[FFmpeg-devel] Possible new libraries (was: [PATCH] IPv6 support v.2)

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Fri Nov 9 14:37:37 CET 2007

Le nonidi 19 brumaire, an CCXVI, Michael Niedermayer a ?crit?:
> i think there are a few libs which could be created
> * low level protocols (tcp,udp,file,oss,alsa,v4l)
> * high level protocols (http, ftp, mms, ...)

Your ideas are very interesting, but I am not sure about the low level/high
level split.

 From an application standpoint, raw TCP and HTTP are one and the same: a
raw stream of bytes (with a small type hint), that needs to go through a
demuxer if it is supposed to be audio-video content. V4L, on the other hand,
is a structured stream of frames.

The current implementation reflects this: TCP and HTTP are both
URLProtocol-s, while video4linux is an AVInputFormat.

I believe that a split in separate library should at least follow the
interface distinction: I really do not see why ALSA and UDP should be in the
same library, for example.

I quite like Aurelien's suggestion "libavdevice" for OSS/ALSA/V4L... And
libavproto(col) is an obvious name for protocols.


  Nicolas George

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