[FFmpeg-devel] [Patch] adding 'dist' rule to makefiles

Limin Wang lance.lmwang
Tue Nov 13 03:18:00 CET 2007


> I've repeated several times now that the scm snapshot may not be exactly
> what you want to ship in a tarball, and that is true for ffmpeg as well. I
> ship ffmpeg (with elaborate workarounds, like creating a whole auto* toolset
> around it), I would know, right?
> So, third time, given that users (packagers) of ffmpeg - even though they
> are indeed currently able to build tarballs with elaborate workarounds -
> would like a make dist (and related), could it go in?
> (Sorry to have to make this point, but if it was really that easy with
> current tools / setup, don't you think ffmpeg would be making releases? And
> now dare answer this instead of bullshit around.)

Why not write a simple shell script or perl to do your job? In the script, You
can get ffmpeg source first, cd ffmpeg, do all you job in your "make
dist". Even that you can setup cron to run your script auto.


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