[FFmpeg-devel] Some ideas for a tiny set of audio conversion functions..

Benjamin Larsson banan
Sat Nov 17 11:28:49 CET 2007

Andreas ?man wrote:
> ... or a replacement of DSPContext->float_to_int16()
> I've been given this some thought and I've come up with
> some thoughts that I realized into code.
> The idea is to support
> * any number of channels
> * both planar and interleaved data
> * mixing of multiple sources into one output channel
> If this is the right way to go i'll continue to write some
> convenience functions, SSE-implementations and make some test
> with the current codecs that output floats internally.
> The file is currently just standalone.
> Comments?

We need support for fixed point down mixing also. Otherwise ffmpeg will
be to slow for embedded platforms. And I'm not so sure the generic
functions are flexible enough.  Can you do a

Left channel: Front Left + Surround Left + Center + LFE
Right channel: Front Right + Surround Right + Center + LFE

with this code ?

Benjamin Larsson

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