[FFmpeg-devel] Splitting libavformat (Was: [PATCH] IPv6 support v.2)

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Mon Nov 19 08:27:45 CET 2007

Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas George wrote:
>> 2) a first library for network protocols (udp, tcp, http, rtp, rtsp) and a
>> second one for grabbing from other devices (audio, v4l, v4l2, x11grab &
>> friends)
> Only grabbing? I had the idea that output devices would have their place in
> the same library as well.

Ok; I said grabbing because right now it contains mainly "grabbing demuxers".
But I have no problems in calling it with a different name and adding output
devices or other things.

>> Anyone has other ideas? Which one is preferred?
> I am all in favor of 2.

Ok; I'll post a patch for 2) tomorrow.

>> In my plan, I will simply move code from one library to another, without
>> changing any API (I hope this can be done ;-).
> What do you intend to do concerning the registering of pseudo-formats? Keep
> a single list or a separate list? If this is a single list, register with
> av_register_all?

I plan to export an avnet_register_all() function from libavnet and an
avgrab_register_all() function from libavgrab. If users want to register
all the networking and grabbing formats, they can call such functions.
Otherwise, I think a user can also register a single protocol and/or
format by directly calling av_register_*.


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