[FFmpeg-devel] Question regarding DV decoder

Benjamin Larsson banan
Tue Nov 20 11:08:00 CET 2007

Thorsten Jordan wrote:
> Dear ffmpeg developers,
> at the moment i am testing if it would be possible to get DV video
> decoding at realtime on a VIA Epia 1Ghz (C3-2, MMX, SSE, i686 compatible).
> The mainconcept decoder manages to decode with 28-34ms per 40ms frame,
> so it would be possible, where ffmpeg fails to do it below 40ms at average.
> The dv video decoder code seems to be pure C (no mmx) with a FIXME that
> tells one should use dsputils rather. There seem to be some if's in
> inner loops, that could be factorized out. The code hasn't been touched
> since 8 monthes.
> Who maintains it, or may be so kind to give me a bit more information
> about it, e.g. like possibility of mmx support?
> If my company decides to use it, i can myself try to add mmx support or
> other speedups, hopefully pushing it below 40ms.
> Thanks...
$ grep -i dv MAINTAINERS
  dv.c                                  Roman Shaposhnik
  dc1394.c, dv.c                        Roman Shaposhnik

But there are others who have submitted significant patches. Search the 
archives. And optimizations are very welcome.

Benjamin Larsson

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