[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Split libavformat

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Mon Nov 26 17:26:36 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> Anyway, I am more than willing to change things so that mplayer (or other
>> applications) can use more easily our networking and grabbing code. If my
>> original idea was wrong, just let me know what must be changed and I'll try
>> to work on it...
> iam not sure what is best ...
> comments and ideas are welcome ...

At this point, I obviously have not good ideas about this issue...
I'll just wait to see what other people think.

> but i think that at least the os support code / the code providing missing
> standard functions should be split into its own lib instead of being spread
> over 3 libs into which it doesnt belong ...
> that of course is somewhat orthogonal to the net/device/protocol question

Ok. At least, this change should be reasonably uncontroversial... I'll start
having a look at the OS-dependent code. After a first look, I think that:
1) There is nothing OS-dependent in libavutil (or do you think the memalign hack
    should go in the OS support library? In this case, can I just use the
    CONFIG_MEMALIGN_HACK code to implement memalign()?)
2) The only OS-dependent code in libavcodec is the threading code, but I do
    not see any easy way to move it in a separate library. Ideas?
3) The remaining part of the work is to move os_support* from libavformat to
    the new library (and I think network.h contains some OS-dependent code too).

I still need to have a better look at all the libav* code, but these are my
first impressions. Anything obvious I am missing?

>>> its a one time annoyance vs. permanent annoyance question
>> Ok; I simply was not aware of the fact that my changes introduced any permanent
>> annoyance. Of course I do not want to introduce such a permanent annoyance
>> (my hope was to reduce to the minimum the one time annoyance while avoidind
>> the permanent one).
> well the way lavf is split is going to be somewhat permanent i hope ...

Of course... I was simply not seeing it as an annoyance :)


Anyway, I'll have a better look at the os_support stuff, and I'll try to come
up with an RFC patch to help the discussion.


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