[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Split libavformat

François Revol revol
Wed Nov 28 00:04:39 CET 2007

> I think the question is: do we need/want libossupport?
> Let's look at os_support.c; once we move to ipv4-indep. code, we can 
> get rid
> of inet_aton() in favour of inet_pton() or getnameinfo(),
> resolve_host[_ipv6]() isn't an os_support function and would move to
> network.c (new). Imo, ff_socket_nonblock() could move as static 
> inline to
> network.h (even though the implementation is different in the win-
> case, I
> don't think it justifies itself being in a "OS support" library, 
> because
> it's not a missing function in that OS; it is just implemented 
> differently,
> kind of like BE vs. LE).
> So that only leaves poll(), which is used in dv1394 (which should use
> select(), not poll()) and in ffserver. Interestingly, poll() is right 
> now
> under CONFIG_FFSERVER, maybe that has to be fixed (unrelated to this

That's because at the time it was only used by ffserver, that was to 
save some room.

> discussion), but you really want an OS support lib for this one 
> function? (I
> have no idea what OS this is, so I can't say if there's foreign libs
> implementing poll for them that you could link to instead...)
> I agree lavf is not the right place for poll(), I agree that if it 
> existed,
> libossupport would be the right place for it, but is libossupport the 
> right
> thing to set up and maintain? Can someone tell me what OSes lack 
> poll() so I
> can try and go look for other libs doing the same thing already?

Isn't libavutil a dependancy of libavformat ?
It's not really utilitary but more than it is file format related.


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