[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Donations link on the homepage

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Nov 30 18:02:52 CET 2007

Benjamin Larsson wrote:
> Robert Swain wrote:
>> Considering all that FFmpeg does for the world, definitely. :)
>> Mike: Did you ever do anything about contacting Google/YouTube about
>> throwing some money our way? (Outside of SoC I mean.)

I have not pursued this. It might be helpful if FFmpeg were a tax-exempt
organization in the U.S. However...

> Sure, I just need to check the exact terms to get tax exemption. The 

I investigated tax exemption in the United States. Turns out that it's
the single most painful, tax-related thing one can possibly do in the
U.S. I wish you luck setting it up in another country. Regrettably,
donations will not be tax-deductible in the U.S. unless FFmpeg is a
proper 501(c)(3) organization here.

I also emailed an umbrella organization that handles tax status for open
source projects. I never heard back from them.

	-Mike Melanson

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