[FFmpeg-devel] H263 encode with rtp_payload_size=1300: observe packets of size 10KBytes

Mojtaba Hosseini Mojtaba.Hosseini
Thu Sep 20 21:35:45 CEST 2007

  I'm using ffmpeg (svn version 10255) library to encode MPEG4 and H263 in my program. 
I'm setting the codec context rtp_payload_size=1300 Bytes and this works beautifully
with MPEG4 (That is, the callback function is called with 'packets' of size very close
to 1300 Bytes. I have not confirmed the existence of resync markers but the stream does
decode properly on the decode side). 
When encoding H263 however, the rtp callback is called with packets of size much larger
than 1300Bytes (for example, 10KBytes). Is this to be expected? Or is this a bug in h263
   Any help is appreciated (even if it is simply: "no. it should work the same as mpeg4"
so I can go and look at why it isn't so). Thanks

Mojtaba Hosseini

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