[FFmpeg-devel] Files crashing FFmpeg

Jason Garrett-Glaser darkshikari
Wed Dec 3 08:39:01 CET 2008

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 6:09 AM, compn <tempn at twmi.rr.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 21:54:29 -0800, Mike Melanson wrote:
>>Benjamin Larsson wrote:
>>> This list http://tranquillity.ath.cx/ffmpeg_crashfiles.txt contains
>>> links to files that crashes a FFmpeg version from 2007. Can anyone come
>>> up with a good tool so we can run through and check all these files ?
>>> This list was donated by Picsearch.
>>Do we have the project budget to send them a nice fruit basket for the
>>holidays? This is some good stuff. It would be nice if some other
>>organizations that automatically process millions of diverse files with
>>FFmpeg could throw some problem files our way.
> it would be nice of youtube to send some changes back our way too...

>From a talk I had with the Google engineer who runs the Youtube
encoding chain a few days ago, it seems Google's official policy is
that they're not allowed to publicly admit that they use open source
products such as ffmpeg (!!).

So I doubt that would happen.  I'd bet a more open-source-friendly
company like Facebook would be more than happy to send back problem
files though.

Dark Shikari

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